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_start problem with KL05Z

Question asked by Ardoster on Nov 6, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2014 by Erich Styger



I'm starting up with the KL05Z and Kinetis Design Studio, but I'm having problems when my code arrives to _start. To put you in context, I've operated as follows:


1 - I've created a new Kinetis Design Studio: NEW_PROJECT -> KINETIS DESIGN STUDIO.

2 - Selected in the processor list the MKL05Z32xxx4

3 - I don't select the options Kinetis SDK (not available), neither the Processor Expert tick. I want a bare metal project.

4 - Click Finish


The generated project compiles correctly, but has the problem that when arrives to _start hangs. I've replaced the _start function by main, and now the application runs correctly, but I think there's a problem with static and global variables, because they are not being initialized. It must be a problem with startup files.


How can I fix it?


Thanks you in advance