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OpenCV availability for i.MX6S/SL (low cost opencv)

Question asked by torus1000 on Nov 6, 2014



Now I'm studying OpenCV and I found some threads discuss about OpenCV for i.MX6Q but I couldn't find any i.MX6S/SL platforms.


I know i.MX6S/SL doesn't have 3D-GPU but I want to check OpenCV performance with i.MX6S/SL.


Does anybody know how to build OpenCV lib with 2D-GPU or NEON acceleration?





Computer Vision on i.MX Processors: Building OpenCV-2.4.X for Freescale's i.MX6 BSP (Yocto)

Yocto and OpenCV for I.MX
     $ bitbake opencv   //for building opencv
     $ bitbake opencv-samples  //for building the samples.

step by step guide to cross compile OpenCV using meta toolchian (Yocto)

Building OpenCV on ubuntu hardfloat rootfs for i.MX6Q (Ltib)

Fast Image Processing with i.MX 6 Series