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GDB Server support on QorIQ

Question asked by Ugendreshwar Kudupudi Employee on Nov 6, 2014

To enable GDB server on any QorIQ platform you need the following components:


  1. gdbserver tool running on QorIQ platform
  2. gdb tool running on host system that support QorIQ targets and connects to gdbserver


The gdbserver tools comes as part of the gdb package itself and the command to build it in Yocto SDK is "bitbake gdb".


And the command to build gdb for host system usage is "bitbake gdb-cross" and the binary is installed at "<Yocto SDK Home>/build_<platfrom_rdb>_release/tmp/sysroots/i686-linux/usr/bin/ppce5500-fsl-linux/powerpc-fsl-linux-gdb.


You can refer to the below link on the usage of GDB server


Cross debugging with GDB | STLinux

For GDB tool documentation please refer to the below link:

Debugging with GDB: Top