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Dual camera capture

Question asked by Takashi Takahashi on Nov 6, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2014 by Yuri Muhin

I have 3 additional questions.


1, Description of IMX6SDL RM of Table 38-29.

  IPU's capture flows Capturing interlaced input and
storing it in the memory (via VDIC) while performing video de-interlacing in
the VDIC.
』 in 『Interlaced input coming from one of the CSIs is sent to the memory without processing via channel #13.


  Below in my understanding is correct?

  Table 38-9 listed IDMAC DMA channels list, IDMAC_CH_13 at the VDIC Source and Destination are Fmem.

  However, correct in understanding that the real CH_13 at the CSI Source, Destination Fmem, en route via the VDIC, so Source listed the VDIC?

  And Using a CH_13, CSI → VDIC transfer, without the IDMAC of another channel?.


2, In the VDIC, without any De-interlacing On the Fly,

That is correct understanding?

When capturing simultaneously CSI1, both CSI0 and CSI1 using IDMAC CH_13 into the via the VDIC Fmem.

   And VDIC is de-interlacing at once only of 1 ch, even if can be relay to the above CSI → Fmem and will be 2ch at the same time?

3, When capturing BT.656 from CSI1, CSI0 2-channel sametime, route and IDMAC channel in the below mentioned correct?

  1. CSI0 or 1 →VDIC (IDMAC_CH_13, De-interlacing in the On thefly),
    VDIC → Fmem (IDMAC_CH_5)
  2. CSI1 or 0 →
    via → Fmem (IDMAC_CH_13), Fmem → VDIC (CH_8),
    VDIC → Fmem (CH_5)

    In it correct?