Paul Cunningham

EEPROM necessary for 802.15.4?

Discussion created by Paul Cunningham on Sep 21, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2007 by Joseph Horanzy
Hello we are designing a board based on the MC1321xEVKRM (SRB) for use with 802.15.4 and/or BeeStack networking models. Something in my reading causes me to believe that the EEPROM is used during network to store transient routing tables and such, but I can no longer find out what I read on the topic.

Our board designers would of course like to remove the EEPROM from our design as we do not use it ourselves, but I have cautioned them based on my suspicion that this is used by the Beekit networking software.

Can anyone confirm this and/or point me to a relevant reference for further study?

I've seen that someone here is storing the PAN ID in flash. I assume this thread is related for the same reasons, but I'm still quite new at this whole Beekit thing.

Thank you for any advice you can offer! -pc