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Are there any USB 5.0 HOST MSC CDC Examples

Question asked by Neil Hancock on Nov 5, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2014 by Adrian Cano

Hi Support

I'd like to put in a plug for a  USB 5.0 HOST examples in the next SDK release - be really nice to be able to try out USB Host MSC CDC ?

My target is for USB Stick storage and using USB to control a device (modem, IoT weightless device, or other IoT wireless etc)

My experience is the M2M wireless access needs to be encapsulated, and the way to make it plug-n-play is through USB for end user customers.

I've just had some customers shafted when an ATT 2G signal disappearing. Kaput gone. M2M device that had worked for a year useless.

The  M2M remote monitoring device uses a 2G GPRSS modem  with an ATT SIM. There is another local carrier T-Mobile signal, but the embedded modem is so integrated in the electronics that the whole device has to be replaced at great cost. Replacing a SIM is not the answer as sometimes need other wireless devices than GSM 2G 3G 4G....


Any other users got applications they can see with USB 5.0 Host ...?