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LLWU Pin State

Question asked by Dominic Ast on Nov 5, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2014 by Dominic Ast

Dear all


I use an external pin triggered on any edge as wakup source of the LLWU. After wakup I need to figure out if it was a raising- or a falling-edge. When I use a pin as LLWU-Souce I can not use the same pin as GPIO-Pin anymore (CodeWarrior with Processor-Expert). What is the best practice to find out if it was a falling- or raising-edge which triggered the wakeup? I have 2 ideas:


  • Connect the signal to a second pin which I can use as GPIO-Pin and read the pin state after wakeup.
  • I dont see in the reference Manual that a LLWU-Pin can not be used as GPIO-Pin as well - but the Processor-Export UI does not allow it. Maybe I can configure the pin manually as GPIO pin and use it that way


Please let me know your intentions about this Problem.


Thank you, Dominic