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CRC calculation of read buffer / flash incorrect with data caching enabled

Question asked by Shreyas Balakrishna on Nov 4, 2014
Latest reply on May 23, 2019 by soham dandapat

Hi All,


I am trying to debug a problem in our product based on Kinetis K70 (revision 3) and MQX 4.1.


This is what I am doing -

1. Write N bytes to a memory location in external memory (DDR) or program flash (upper half)

2. Flush and invalidate the data cache line of just written memory using _DCACHE_FLUSH_MBYTES( addr, N ) and _DCACHE_INVALIDATE_MBYTES( addr, N )

2. Calculate CRC of just written memory (using the hardware CRC peripheral or a SW CRC implementation)

3. Compare calculated CRC with expected CRC, it is incorrect


If I disable data caching, the CRC is correct every time. This is obviously a cache coherency issue. Are there any silicon bugs in the Kinetis family that I need to workaround? Disabling caching is not an option at all as the performance hit is unacceptable.


Thanks for your help.


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