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Building Linux for Wandboard-Quad Rev C1 (beginner)

Question asked by concerned12345 on Nov 4, 2014
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I have a Wandboard rev C1 with an i.MX6 quad-core chip. I am new to Linux so I have a few questions regarding getting this board up and running. I've tried out the prebuilt images from Wandboard but the Ubuntu version was soft float, for now I'm not interested in Yocto project.


I got the U-Boot package from the Freescale github and the BSP (with Linux source) from Freescale as well, both 3.10.17_1.0.2_ga (downloaded the tar files with Mozilla). I'm using the Linaro hf build tools (v4.9). So far everything is good with one exception, when looking under /arch/arm/boot/dts there isn't a imx6q-wandboard.dts file. When looking at the Torvald's github there are several files with updates for the Wandboard including revs B and C. I already have a Debian Jesse RootFS (3.10.17) which I've downloaded elsewhere and has the proper Vivante drivers.


My questions are (I'm a beginner):

1) How do I get just the device tree files and update only my dts directory?

1.1) Do I need to update more than just my dts directory?

2) Should I be getting my U-Boot and BSP (source) from somewhere other than Freescale since Wandboard isn't supported?

3) Am I missing any U-Boot files for Wandboard Rev C1 (haven't built U-Boot yet but since Wandboard Rev C1 was missing from the BSP I figure something is also missing from U-Boot)?