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Need help on timing information of LVDS screen HJ070NA-13A from Innolux

Question asked by Robbie Jiang on Nov 4, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2014 by Stefano Galeazzi



Currently I'm working on supporting a LVDS screen on MX6Q/LTIB-3.0.25-4.1.0 platform.


The LDB driver works well.


The target LVDS screen is  HJ070NA-13A from INNOLUX,

and the resolution is 1204x600.


But the detailed timing information about the LVDS screen,

such as the horizontal front/back porch, hsync width,

vertical front/back porch and vsync width, is missing.

The data sheet of HJ070NA-13A from Innolux does not include

the complete information.


Anyone has the experience of supporting this screen?

Or where can I get such detailed timing information?