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Flash Swap supported device revisions

Question asked by pavelst on Nov 4, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2014 by Hui_Ma



We are using the Kinetis MK11DN512VMC5 MCU, and after some effort succeeded operating its flash swap feature.

On the way of achieving that we had to disable the following reference code revision check:

/* first check if silicon is rev 1.4 or later */

/* For rev 1.4 (4N30D), REVID = 3 */


if(rev < 3)

{ /* old rev - don't swap */

  printf("Old revision detected (%d)- Kinetis 100MHz mask rev id 4 or later required \n", rev);

  goto QUIT;



Our chip is 50MHz, with SDID=0x1229, i.e. rev=1.


Why is the reference code checking for 100MHz devices only? Isn't it supposed to work in other devices as well with the two flash banks?


Since we already managed operating the swap feature at least in the first few tests, are we expected to have problems with it in other scenarios with our product?

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