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Can I use OpenCV and WandCam without gstreamer?

Question asked by Ed Sutter on Nov 3, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2014 by Ed Sutter

I'm using Yocto on Wandboard.

I've seen posts regarding this issue several months back that say OpenCV and Wandcam don't play well together.

Is this still the case?

I've backed off on using OpenCV directly to retrieve the image from Wandcam, and I have been able to

use V4L2 to retrieve *something*.  The image received has valid characteristics but I have not been able to successfully

convert the image data into something that OpenCV will recognize or display.

So, four questions:

1) what options do I have (aside from OpenCV) to display an image?

2) will Wandcam ever support OpenCV?

3) assuming OpenCV still doesn't directly support Wandcam for image retrieval, is it valid to try to use

    V4L2 to do the image retrieval, then convert the image to iplimage format (opencv)?

4) if it turns out that I *can't* use OpenCV with WandBoard/Wandcam, is this a limitation of Wandboard

    a limitation in the iMX6/linux/driver?