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imx6S automotive -PCIe Compliance as EP- Settings/Voltages

Question asked by ro bo on Nov 3, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2014 by igorpadykov

Hello community,


regarding to the AN4784 ( you have a "Maximum transition eye voltage: 0.376 volts". The boundary values to pass this testcase are ''257.000 mV < x < 600.000 mV".


I have a couple of questions, pls feel free to answer them:


  1. Did you use the half swing option of the transmit margin (PCIE_RC_LCSR2) ?
  2. How can you reach approx +0.4V/-0.4V ?
  3. How does the Supply of the PCIe_VPTX voltage look like?
  4. Did you supply the the PCIe Phy from the internal regulators of the imx6S (VDD_SOC)? 
  5. Have you used a imx6S with 800MHz PLL (ARM_Clock)?
  6. Does you fullfill the compliance test, if a 1GHz version of the imx6s would be used?