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The differences between alternate functions and muliplex options

Question asked by xiang wei on Nov 3, 2014
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    In P1021RM,table3-10 (page 127) has listed the QUICC Engine Multiplex pins.For example, CE_PA0 has alternative functon of LAD8,but in table 3-7(page 119),CPPARAx[SELn] has no option for LAD8.

    1. That mean that,i can use LAD8 and QUICC sub-function  simultaneously ?for e.g.

      for CE_PA0 ,  I set CPPARAx[SELn] to 11,then PA0 used for UPC1_S_TxADDR[4]. Following a utopia interface opration,the CPU can initial a eLBC access through LAD8 without any change of CPPARAx[SELn] value?

      2.What's the defferences of 'alternate function' and 'muliplex option'?