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Processor Expert 10.4.0 systick ISR and vectors.c not updating

Question asked by Phil Quinton on Nov 2, 2014
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I hope this isn't a daft question, so here goes...


I'm using Processor Expert for Driver suite 10.4.0 on eclipse Kepler ( Linux ) and I'm trying to understand how to get vectors.c to update when I add the systick component.


Screenshot - PE - systick.png


The systick component does not auto generate the ISR but tells you that you need to implement this yourself in user code, which is fine, except vectors.c does not contain the systick ISR reference:


Screenshot - PE - vectors.png

I cannot add the ISR with an InterruptVector component, as it complains that there is a conflict:


Screenshot - PE - int.png


What is the correct way of doing this? How do I get PE to add the what I can only imagine is a &INT_SysTick entry to vectors.c? My concern is that a manual adjustment to the file will get overwritten the next time I make a change in PE.


Any advice is welcome,