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need a litlle help to understand Vreferences for ADC

Question asked by ilan cohen on Nov 2, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2014 by ilan cohen

Hi everybody thank for the attention, i need to understand clearly for an adc project on the kl25z microcontroller what are the volt range that can accept this microcontroller and how do i configure him with the range that i need

looking to the data sheet its seems that VREFH is between 1.13Volt and VDDA who seems to be 3.6Volt

but for VREFL it is very not clear what is VSSA ? i only see delta VSSA does that mean that the low range is between -100mV and

+ 100 mV ?

my project is already done i just dont know whats is vref range min and max .

if somebody know how its works ?

please help