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bug in MQX getaddrinfo() with IPv6 enabled?

Question asked by m.bach on Oct 31, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2014 by m.bach

Hi Community,


I using MQX with IPv6, so enabled RTCSCFG_ENABLE_IP6


Now when I'm using get getaddrinfo() with an FQDN, getaddrinfo() always fails if my DNS Server does not reply AAAA queries...


Whats happening:

- getaddrinfo() sends the 'A' record query to my DNS server, and collects the qualified answer. Everything is fine.

- next in line due to NET_ORDER is the INET6 family query

- getaddrinfo() then sends a subsequent 'AAAA' query, which is not fully responded by my DNS Server for this host.

- then getaddrinfo() returns error(4), which is odd because the 'A' record was replied fine.


I patched getaddrinfo.c accoringly, and want to know what you think about this.


cheers, Martin

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