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where is IMX6Q's PCIE_CLK signal?

Question asked by 翔李 on Oct 31, 2014
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where is IMX6Q's PCIE_CLK signal? I can find the PCIE_RXM/RXP and PCIE_TXM/TXP,but there is no REFCLK_M/REFCLK_P? can the PCIE device work where the IMX6Q don't output the clock to it?


Again,i find CLK1_P CLK1_N,CLK2_P CLK2_N in the pin C7 D7,C5 D5 of IMX6Q,so can i use CLK1 or CLK2 to feed the PCIE+_CLK input pin of the PCIE device,for example, TW6869?