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Problem interfacing DSP28335 device with EEPROM for SPI communication

Question asked by BANDA RAJENDRANATH on Oct 30, 2014

Hi all,

I connected DSP TMS320F28335 to EEPROM 25AA512 and while debugging I am seeing the SPI registers for checking whether transmission and receiving of the data had done properly at the same time checking in the SCOPE too but I am not able to see the SPIRXBUF register and signals in the SCOPE with the data what I had stored previously in that address. I came to know that the WRITE action is not at all happening.This, I came to know by polling the WIP (Write in Progress) in the status register of EEprom 25AA512

when I am using while (!(SPI_EEPROM_Read_Status()&0x0001)); it is not coming out of the loop.But the thing is eeprom responding to RDSR instruction by giving back the proper signals of Status Register on the SO pin,and it is not responding to READ instruction bcoz WRITE instruction didnt do the job properly.

I attached the file (code) I wrote.

I have tied the WP BAR  to high and WPEN=1 and I made BP1 & BP0 as 0 & 0 only, still I am not able to write


Can any one help me where I went Wrong.

Thanks in advance


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