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K22 errata e6939 - Is the workaround even possible?

Question asked by Jeff Mitchell on Oct 29, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2014 by Jeff Mitchell

In the K22 mask sets 0N50M, 0N51M, 1N41K, and 0N74K (and possibly more, these were all I looked at) there is an errata e6939 which has the description "Core: Interrupted loads to SP can cause erroneous behavior". To summarize the errata as I understand it, if an instruction of the form "LDR SP, xxx" is interrupted bad things may occur.


The workaround is to not use instructions of that form. Okay, fair enough I guess, if writing assembly code. But what is the workaround for C code, since I can't control what the compiler emits? I would appreciate if someone who is using a K22 part can share how you are ensuring that you don't encounter this errata.