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what is the minimum voltage of VIN1,VIN2and VIN3 for PF0100 PMIC

Question asked by John Wesley on Oct 28, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2014 by Pankaj Rana

Hi all,


I am using PMIC PF0100 for IMX6 solo lite. I had little confusion about input voltage of LDO (VIN1), since in datasheet they have mentioned as 1.75 to 3.40.But in EVAL board of MCIMX6SLEVK I have found that they are giving voltage from BAT charger circuit. and made 3V15 form PMIC as DNP.


This is PMIC page in EVAL board where VIN1 connected with PF0100.

This is where PF0100 coming form BAT charger circuit output which is 4V325.



Could you please tell me how much voltage we have to give, or if I don't get voltage from BAT charging can I give voltage from output of switch regulators as in EVAL board?


Thanks in advance

John Wesley.