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[AR4100P]: looking for alternative way to program MAC address  to WLAN chip

Question asked by Hui Shao on Oct 28, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2014 by Radek Sestak



For factory production purpose, I need a different way to program the MAC to AR4100P's OTP. Host.exe or ath_console.exe is not preferred in this case.


What I have is the Atheros flash agent source code integrated into MQX running on k20d72m custom board.


Is there a way to program MAC directly from k20d72m MCU? I can't find a API from the flash agent above except for some definitions like


/* IOTFLASHOTP_PARAM_FORCE_MAC_OVERRIDE - instructs firmware to ignore any existing mac address

* in OTP and instead write the new mac address to otp. normally, if any mac address is found

* in OTP the firmware will avoid writing a new mac address to OTP. */

#define IOTFLASHOTP_PARAM_FORCE_MAC_OVERRIDE        (0x00000010)


from wifi_flash_agent\src\app\main.h but no source code for it.