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ADC Interrupt in Kinetis MKE02Z

Question asked by Pablo Suarez on Oct 28, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2014 by Pablo Suarez

Hi there, I'm trying to implement a synchronous measure of samples using as time base a timer interrupt. To do this I chose the ADC One Conversion method inside a timer interrupt in this way:


On Processor Expert:

1. Set Interrupt service / event = Disable (As the Processor Expert help suggest for One Convertion method)

2. SetUp A/D Channel List with my 4 ADC inputs.

3. SetUp Static sample group indexed to my 4 ADC inputs.


On my interrupt function:


ADC_TResultData ADC_Values_Result [4];

void ADC_Sampling (void)


     (void) ADC_SelectSampleGroup(ADC_DeviceData,0);

     (void) ADC_StartSingleMeasurement(ADC_DeviceData);

     while (!ADC_GetMeasurementCompleteStatus(ADC_DeviceData)) {}; /* Wait for conversion completeness */

     (void) ADC_GetMeasuredValues(ADC_DeviceData,&ADC_Values_Result);



As you can imagine I have some problems with this code.

When it run on main, it works perfectly, if I set Interrupt service / event = Enable, but if I set Interrupt service / event = Disable the processor don't come out from GetMeasurementCompleteStatus while loop;

If I set Interrupt service / event = Enable this function don't works on the timer interrupt.


So, my questions: Why I need to set Interrupt service / event = Enable to make a single measure of a group?

How may I measure the group values without generate interrupts?

I read and implement the One conversion of a created sample group, without interrupt service from Processor Expert Help, but it neither worked.


I will appreciate your help.

Best regards.