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i.mx6 Failed to play wma file

Question asked by Tong Chunyang on Oct 27, 2014

I get the libfslmscodec-3.0.7.tar.gz and libfslmsparser-3.0.7.tar.gz package from Freescale.
But failed to play a wma file.

root@freescale ~$
root@freescale ~$ export GST_DEBUG=2
root@freescale ~$
root@freescale ~$
root@freescale ~$
root@freescale ~$ gplay /2205/001.wma
playbin2 is employed!
fsl_player_init(): Successfully initialize!
fsl_player_set_media_location(): filename=/2205/001.wma
[Stopped  ][Vol=01][00:00:00/00:00:00][fps:0]Aiur: 3.0.7
Core: ASFPARSER_01.00.17  build on Jun 25 2013 10:17:36
  mime: video/x-ms-asf
  file: /usr/lib/imx-mm/parser/
Content Info:
        Idx File:
        Seekable  : Yes
        Size(byte): 93005

0:00:00.126050000  2769    0xd34c8 WARN               aiurdemux aiurdemux.c:3676:aiurdemux_loop_state_header: Warning: API[getNumPro!
Movie Info:
        Seekable  : Yes
        Live      : No
        Duration  : 0:02:30.300000000
        ReadMode  : File
        Track     : 1

0:00:00.126615000  2769    0xd34c8 WARN               aiurdemux aiurdemux.c:3060:aiurdemux_parse_audio: Unknown Audio code-type=0, s0

(<unknown>:2769): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_tag_list_add: assertion `GST_IS_TAG_LIST (list)' failed
Track 00 [audio]: Disabled
        Codec: 0, SubCodec: 0
0:00:00.126977000  2769    0xd34c8 WARN               aiurdemux aiurdemux.c:4312:aiurdemux_pull_task: pausing task, reason error
0:00:00.127055667  2769    0xd34c8 WARN               aiurdemux aiurdemux.c:4332:aiurdemux_pull_task:<aiurdemux0> error: streaming s2
state change failed from 2 to 4
try to play failed
0:00:00.128081000  2769    0x15700 WARN               aiurdemux aiurdemux.c:1927:gst_aiurdemux_close_core: API[exportIndex] failed, 2

FSL_PLAYER_01.00_LINUX build on Aug 29 2014 10:45:16
        [h]display the operation Help
        [a]Pause when playing, play when paused
        [m]Switch to mute or not
        [>]Play next file
        [<]Play previous file
        [r]Switch to repeated mode or not
        [f]Set full screen or not
        [z]resize the width and height
        [c]Setting play rate
        [i]Display the metadata
[Stopped  ][Vol=01][00:00:00/00:00:00][fps:0]


How can i fix the issue ?

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