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What development package kit (eva/dev board, emulator, CW, etc) do I need for MCF52255CAF80?

Question asked by Jun Han on Oct 27, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2014 by Jun Han

I will develop a project based on coldfire MCU MCF52255CAF80.
I am trying to find a development package kit, includes evaluation/development board, emulator and development tool CodeWarrior.
But I am not sure whether they are right parts as the followings:
Evaluation Board: E52259EVB, E52259DEMOKIT, or TWR-MCF5225X
Emulator: USBMLCF, or USB-ML-CFE
Development Tool:  CodeWarrior ColdFire 7.2 (XP, or W7)

Some of them are no longer supoorted by freescale.

Could you give me any suggestions?