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Interrupt in UART for Transmit and receive

Question asked by Praveen Kumar V S on Oct 26, 2014

Hello All,

I am working on UART driver for sabrelite IMX6DQ board in QNX neutrino 6.6.I am not using the resource manager available

in the BSP but creating a seperate driver with using the io-char framework.I am trying to do the transmit and receive

with the interrupts but i am not able to get any interrupts for the receive and getting only one interrupt for the

trasmit for the first time alone and then i am not getting any interrupts for the trasmit also.

I am using the interruptattach method for doing the interrupt registration.In the ISR i am not able to do the

interruptUnmask as it crashes the application at the call of the interruptattach function itself.I am also not able to

have NULL return as it also crashes the application at initialisation itself.

I have been able to do the transmit and receive with the polling method where in it was possible with the polling for

the TXEMPTY and the RXEMPTY bits of the test register.But the same is not working for the polling of the Status bits of

the status register for the trasmit and receive.


I am attaching my code for reference kindly help me out in finding the bug in the code.