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FTP question

Question asked by Sina Moshksar on Oct 26, 2014

Hello Community,


In my project I run a ftp server on a sdcard file system. I use TWR-K60f120 and MQX 4.1. Mostly, I used code in web_hvac demo to run the FTP and Telnet server (attached rtcs.c)


I use a few different ftp clients such as Filezilla, Internet explorer and Windows explorer . Once I connect I could see the list of the files on the sd card. The problem is that I can not open them or transfer them to my local PC.

this image shows the error message once I try to open a text file.




In the task debugger I get the following error (unknown error 0x3057)



All rtcs setting are in default values.

I used to work with MQX 4.0 and I never had these issues! Any suggestion? idea?




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