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How do I get a blank project to successfully compile FRDM-K22 in Kinetis Design Studio?

Question asked by Donald Bosley on Oct 25, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2014 by Donald Bosley

I'm coming from the land of visual studio and Ipython, so Eclipse is very foreign to me. So, I've been through this tutorial to attempt to create a blank C project for my FRDM-K22 Board, because no other way I was doing has proved successful: Tutorial: DIY Kinetis SDK Project with Eclipse – Startup | MCU on Eclipse


And still no dice.

I had the idea to copying an example project as a template, but that leads to more errors than trying to create one from scratch.


Here is what I have done:

1)SDK is installed, and I have imported ksdk_platform_lib_K22F51212 and built within the project.

2)I build a new C project and provide KSDK linking along with some other things in the preprocessor, such as ARM_MATH_CM4.

3)By default the OSA and Utilities folder are not showing up, so I add them in includes.


I can tell from syntax highlighting that the libraries are there, and it recognizes my includes like "fsl_os_abstraction.h" as valid, along with data structures, and various other things that could only come from the SDK.


The minute I add any actual functions from the SDK like "OSA_Init()", it gives me an undefined reference to "insert function name here."

I've looked very hard at the examples (particularly the DSPI example)  then  try to find differences in my setup, or linking, but I can't find them, nor get it to compile successfully.