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KDS V 1.1.1 - Remote Communication Error

Question asked by samsaprunoff on Oct 25, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2014 by samsaprunoff

Good day All,


I am curious if anyone else is getting the following KDS error when connecting to a target (K60) via PE's Multilink Universal?  It is really frustrating and annoying, as there is little information given...


     Error in final launch sequence

     Failed to execute MI command:

     -target-select remote


     Error message from debugger back end:

     Remote communication error.  Target disconnected.: No error.

     Remote communication error.  Target disconnected.: No error.


I have read the  GDB debugging doc and have verified that there are not multiple GDB debugging processes occurring, but yet I still get this error frequently.  Interestingly if I use other tools to access the target all is fine... and so I know the Target, the multilink, and the interface are fine... it is GDB, KDS, or the combination thereof.


I have to say... I really miss CW classic... as I am finding that CW 10.x and KDS are quite problematic and a real issue when trying to do project work...