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Hello, i'm totally newbie on programming MCU but i need a little help about FREESCALE MC9S08GT32CFB soldered in a particular Industrial electronic device that i have buyed. My goal is dump the software in EXCELSEMI ES29LV160E Flash Chip that is interfaced at FREESCALE MC9S08GT32CFB Mcu Chip for a "little" work of "menu language traduction".
What i have discovered is that i need to solder the flat cable of a programmer pod like " "PEMICRO USB HCS08/HCS12 Multilink Rev. C" on 4 point of the Freescale Chip: Pin1 (RESET), Pin 17 (VDD), Pin42 (BKGD), and finally GND (Pin??). For this kind of work i need a software like "Codewarrior v.6" or "Noice for HCS08".
Do you think i'm in the right way???
Any Help is appreciate.
Exscuse my poor English
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