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Question asked by Mit_3000GT_VR4 on Oct 24, 2014
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I am running the hello world example on a TWR-K60N512 ( the device number: PK60N512VMD100  Date Code 0M33Z)

With IAR, I just rebuilt the lib. (twr_k60n512) and ran the example with a bit of modification.

In the task loop I have the following:


          printf("\r Hello World %d",counter++);


//         _task_block();


Using the _time_delay(), I sometimes got to ASM_LABEL(no_one_to_run) and it stay there.  Sometimes it goes here after a couple of stop and go using the IAR debug.

Replace _time_delay() with _task_block(), I could see the mqx idle task runing.

My question:

1.     Am I using the right bsp package for my board?

2.     Is there any person having the same problem? if so please help with a fix (I had not seen this problem in previous mqx version)

3.     Should idle task runing during _time_delay ? (I have only one task, and I did have #define MQX_USE_IDLE_TASK        1 )

4.    Why would the idle task run with _tack_block() but not with _time_delay()


I put in another task I call lazyboy with the lower priority and have it do not thing( for the task loop I have for(;;); ) ; and I do not see the problem no matter how many time I try the stop and go)

4.    Is this the way to work around this problem?

Please Advice