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MMPF0100 failed VSNVS startup

Question asked by emil on Oct 23, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2014 by igorpadykov


In a few rare occations the MMPF0100 doesn't start up properly. The VSNVS signal does never go high, even though it should mux in the VIN at 4.2V and regulate the signal down to 3V. This happens maybe once every 30 times I start up the circuit. I'll attach two oscilloscope pictures. One with working startup and one with failed startup. The POR_N signal on the pictures are the signal that wakes up the iMX6, and not PWRON for the PMIC. The PMICs PWRON is however pulled up by 10k to VSNVS.


The revision id when reading it out from the PMIC is 11, which is PF0100A if I remember correctly. And I'm using the F0 pre-programemd version.


I'll also provide a screenshot of part of the PMIC schematic.