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iMx6 WEC7 viedo decoding issue

Question asked by Massimo Milanesi on Oct 23, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2014 by jamesbone


working with WEC7 BSP v1.6 for iMx6 from Adeneo, I encountered a problem in trying to play a fullHD video:

using playwnd.exe I've tried to play from USB key the sample video:

the playing is not flowing mainly in the initial fase then tends to improve even if it has other jerky scenes.

The read speed from USB is about 15.5 MB/s, sufficient for the bitrate of the movie (about 10.000 kbps).

Using the other sample videos with lower resolution, present on:

the playing is correcly flowing, as if I encode again the FulHD movie with a lower bitrate (6.000 kbps and 4.000kbps).

Analyzing the real variable bitrate of '', I've found that there are bitrate peaks in the points where the video runs bad (nearly 30.000kbps).

After this, I suppose that there are a sort of limitation/issue in video decoding library released with Adeneo BSP (in binary format).

Is this consideration correct?

Where can I find an updated revision of this library?

Note that the same board with Linux, works fine.


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