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Use K70 with MQX and PEG but with basic CW license. Which solution?

Question asked by Arthur Deniau on Oct 23, 2014
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My project is to drive a TFT screen 65K colors, 800x480.


My environment it is following:


- Kinetis K70 (120)

- RTOS Freescale MQX 4.0.0

- PEG lite to have an easy GUI (Generate Cpp file, not Ainsi C, this is the source of my problem!)

- Codewarrior (v10.3) with a basic License perpetual (Available only for Ainsi C code, not C++)


So, all was ok until I tried to compile my project in CW with my Basic License. It does not accept C++ code (generated by PEG Windows Builder)


One solution is to buy Professional License. But the cost is too much.


Freescale propose to me use KDS. But I have some problem with my MQX version 4.0.0. I can't integrate it in KDS. I tried to convert my CW project, but wizard still blank (No windows appears to start project conversion)


It seem to me MQX 4.1 allows to devellop under KDS, but I also seen this MQX Beta version does not run on K70.


So what solution can I have to reach my objective? (K70 + RTOS MQX vx? + PEG (C++) + CW(basic license) / KDS? ...)


Thank for your feedback