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MQX vs MQX Lite?

Question asked by Bruno Paillard on Oct 22, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2014 by Bruno Paillard

I am having trouble understanding what options of MQX are available for each platform in KDS:


-     When I create a new project for an MK21FN1M0xx12 processor, I have a choice of MQX or MQX-Lite

-     When I create a new project for an MK22F512xxx12 processor, I only have a choice of MQX_KSDK (Not MQX-Lite)

It is not easy making sense of this, the two platforms are very-very (-very) close, and if anything the MK22F512xxx12 has less resources and could benefit from having the lite (static) version of MQX.

Is this an oversight? Will the situation change as the tools evolve?


Thanks for bringing clarity...