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External Flash Programming on HC12

Question asked by Charlie Refvem on Oct 22, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2014 by ZhangJennie

I have the MC812A4 discovery board from Technological Arts (model Adapt812DXLT).


We use these boards for a Mechatronics class and would like to make the switch from ICC12 to Codewarrior as we appreciate the extra features. I am having a very tough time writing to the external flash using Codewarror. I have read a few things regarding codewarrior not supporting programming external flash (although it can acesss it just fine).


Do I need to use a utility other than codewarrior to do the external flash programming? Right now we just use the terminal window in ICC12 and program via the "mxflash" utility that comes programmed on the discovery board's local EEPROM.


If this is the case, is codewarrior set up with a serial terminal that will allow me to write the code and simulate in codewarrior and then program using the mxflash utility?



Thanks so much for your time!