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SD card detect signal has wrong polarity for U-Boot 2013.07

Question asked by Jed Kropp on Oct 22, 2014
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Can someone point out in U-Boot code and give me some direction for changing the read-polarity of the SD Card Detect signal inputs on an i.MX53?

We changed to a locking mirco-SD card connector our our base-board and the polarity of the card-present signal is opposite than the older one.  We didn't put an inverter on the board(to save cost) and want to make the change in U-Boot code to fix this. I've done some digging in code and have a general understanding of what to do, but I would like some expert help.


I'm using a Karo TX53 moule with U-Boot 2013.07.

The signal inputs I need to change(invert) are SD1_CD - GPIO3[24],  and SD2_CD - GPIO3[25]