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Choosing between uCLinux and MQX

Question asked by Rowan Sylvester-Bradley on Oct 21, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2014 by Luis Casado

I need some beginner's advice. I am planning to develop a system using a SOM from Emcraft based on the K61 chip. The application is fairly real time critical. I need to be able to scan a bank of memory mapped input pins and respond rapidly (i.e. in 1ms, including all the processing I have to do) to any changes in the state of the pins. I may also need some high resolution timers, and to respond to a couple of interrupt pins preferably in under 1 us. I need a TCP/IP stack, and I need to be able to store files on an SD card.

As I understand it I can use uCLinux or MQX as the basis of my application. I need some advice to help me decide. Some questions:
1. If I start with one or the other, and later discover I was wrong, how difficult is it to convert to the other one?
2. From what I've said above, is the choice obvious?
3. Do uCLinux and MQX work together? How does this work?
4. What do I consider, in what order, to make the choice beetween uCLInux and MQX?


Thanks - Rowan