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Conditional assembler on register passing setting (CW6.3 on M5223X)

Discussion created by Mark Butcher on Sep 19, 2007
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Hi All

I have the following desire...

I have a small amount of assembler code which needs to know whether C calls are passing a parameter in D0 or on the stack. D0 is used when the project is configured to use register parameter passing rather than compact or standard.

I have found that C-code can make use of the pre-processor define

#if __REGABI__ == 1  // 0 = not register passing, 1 = register passing

but this is not valid for assembler files and I don't want to inline the assembler code in a C-file (for unreleated reasons).

If it were, the problem could be simply solved by

#if __REGABI__ == 0
    move.l  4(SP),D0

This would means that assember code were compatible for either project configuration.
But this technique doesn't work so I am on the look out for an alternative which will do the trick.

Any ideas???


Mark Butcher

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