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Can somebody provide a working Vybrid DSPI sample code for any SPI chip under Timesys Linux ?

Question asked by Dragan Kujovic on Oct 20, 2014
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Respected Colleagues and Bruno Castelucci


I have made modifications for Phytec Vybrid Cosmic+ Board to the board-pcl052.c file in the way that Bruno Castelucci did in the board-pcm052.c file (Discussion SPI Driver on Linux Side).


Test from the shell like Bruno's with modeprobe spi_mvf_dspi returned:


# modprobe spi_mvf_dspi

DSPI: Coldfire master initialized



Does it mean that DSPI is correctly initialized? How can I trace it further? I see that Bruno got bunch of lines as a trace report.


So, can somebody attach a working example code for any SPI chip (EEPROM, FLASH, RTC, etc.) for Vybrid VF61 under Timesys Linux to make test on some real hardware chip.


This will help a lot for further development.


File with DSPI modifications for Phytec Cosmic+ Board is attached.


Thanks in advance.


With best regards,

Dragan Kujovic

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