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Running SDK 1.3 on Ubuntu 13.10

Question asked by M.Adeel Sharif on Oct 20, 2014

Running Freescale SDK 1.3 on Ubuntu 13.10:



Since running SDK 1.3 on VirtualMachine with old Ubuntu installtion is too slow. I decided to run it directly on my host machine which has latest(at the time when I installed) Ubuntu version. I find some problems in compiling new BSPs on Ubuntu 13.10 and spent some time searching the Internet to find a quick solution. Therefore, I decided to write this short howto which will hopefully help someone someday!


Here is the step-by-step guide of running Freescale's SDK 1.3 to newer Ubuntu distributions.


1. You can copy the QorIQ-SDK-V1.3-20121114-yocto folder from previous Ubuntu installation directly to Ubuntu 13.10.


2. Install texinfo 4.13:

    - If you have latest version of texinfo, remove it first.

    - textinfo 4.13 can be installed as follows:

        - wget

        - tar -zxf texinfo-4.13a.tar.gz

        -./configure, make and make install. It will install texinfo bins in /usr/local/bin/


3. Patching gcc 4.6.2:

    - copy the following patch in meta-fsl-ppc/recipes-devtools/gcc/files/


--- gcc/gcc/ira-int.h   2014-10-20 10:42:27.995591144 +0200

+++ gcc-fix-ira/gcc/ira-int.h   2014-10-20 10:36:12.915597704 +0200

@@ -1123,8 +1123,12 @@

ira_allocno_object_iter_cond (ira_allocno_object_iterator *i, ira_allocno_t a,

                              ira_object_t *o)


-  *o = ALLOCNO_OBJECT (a, i->n);

-  return i->n++ < ALLOCNO_NUM_OBJECTS (a);

+       int n = i->n++;

+       if (n < ALLOCNO_NUM_OBJECTS (a)) {

+               *o = ALLOCNO_OBJECT (a, n);

+               return true;

+       }

+       return false;



/* Loop over all objects associated with allocno A.  In each


    - You can save it in filename like gcc.compile-with-gcc-4_8-compiler.patch.

    - add new gcc patch filename at the end of SRC_URI_fsl list in meta-fsl-ppc/recipes-devtools/gcc/


4. Configure new BSP from fsl-setup-poky.


5. Compile new BSP with bitbake fsl-image-minimal. DONE!


Any suggestions or comments are welcome!


Best Regards,