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Receive FIFO for ENET of i.MX6

Question asked by yuuki on Oct 20, 2014

Dear All,


Would you teach about receive FIFO registers for ENET of MX6?


We are referring to the following.

- Table 23-130. Receive FIFO thresholds definition(P.1189)


We understand that it is necessary to make each register field the following relations.



These default values are as follows.

- RSEM = 0x084
- RSFL = 0x010
- RAEM = 0x008


However, in these values, performance is low.
If these values are changed as follows, performance will go up.

- RSEM = 0x040
- RSFL = 0x078
- RAEM = 0x070


We do not understand the reason which performance goes up with these values.

Is the set value to RSFL a value containing RAEM?
Or, Is the set value to RSFL added value from RAEM?

Would you teach which understanding is right?

We would like to set Receive FIFO as 64KByte.
Can this value be set as Receive FIFO?
Since the maximum of each field is 0x1FF, 64kByte seems not to be set.


Best Regards,
Yuuki Murasato