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i.MX53 and u-boot version with USB support and NAND bi-swap function ...

Question asked by Flavio Suligoi on Oct 20, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2014 by Flavio Suligoi

Hi all,


I'm using u-boot 2009.08-imx with a custom i.MX53 board.

My board uses the NAND flash and all works good.


Now I want to add the USB support to the u-boot functions, but the 2009.08 version doesn't support the USB.

So I would like to migrate to a new u-boot version, such as the 2013.04, but I think that all others the u-boot versions, except the 2009.08, doesn't have the correct NAND flash support.

In fact only the 2009.08 version has, in the mxc_nand.c device driver file, the following function:




as suggested in the "NAND Flash Bad Block Management Changes" application note (see attachment).

If the mxc_nand_bi_swap is missed, the Bad Blocks are not correctly managed, and the NAND flash can not work correctly.


Nobody has a fast solution to solve this problem, that is to have USB support and NAND management in the same u-boot?


Thank you and best regards,