Selling some Tower boards

Discussion created by Frankie_D on Oct 19, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2014 by Tom R

I have a number of Tower Board that I no longer need.  If anyone is interested in any of them please contact me through email at carnac100_at_yahoo_dot_com for prices.  Below is the list of what I have.


Quantity     Board                             Description

3                TWR-K70F120M           K70 120MHz MCU module

2                TWR-K60F120M           K60 120MHz MCU Module

2                TWR-K60N512              K60 100MHz MCU Module

2                TWR-K40X256              K40 100MHz MCU Module

1                TWR-K20D72M            K20 72MHz MCU Module

1                TWR-MCF255X           MCF5229 MCU Module

1                TWR-MCF51CN           MCF51CN MCU Module

1                TWR-VF65GS10          Vybrid VF65 MPU module

5                TWR-ELEV                  Tower Elevator Modules

4                TWR-SER                    Tower Serial Module

2                TWR-LCD                     Tower LCD Module

1                TWR-WiFi-RS2101       Tower WiFi Module (Red Pine)

1                TWR-WIFI-GS1500M   Tower WiFi Module (Gain Span)

1                TWR-S08UNIV             Tower Universal RS08/S08 MCU Module