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KL05Z .Missing some VLLS3 LLWU wakeup on pin when LPTMR runs

Question asked by Diego Colombo on Oct 18, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2014 by Kerry Zhou

Kind support

once more i need your help


I have a uC that periodically wakes from LLWU3 by LPTM0R.

If during stop mode a transition on LLWU_PE5 happens it has to wake up,without waiting for LPTMR0.


It happens that ,sometimes,despite the presence of pulses on the LLWU pin, the uC does not wake until is LPTMR0 time.

On oscilloscope I can see the pulse on LLWU happening during sleep,another pulse used to reveal the uC in RUN should correspond a bit later,but sometimes this pulse is coincident with the usual LPTMR0 wake.



This problem has perhaps to do with this discussion?

LLS - run transition event lost


Is there something that i can do to get out of this?


Thanks in advance