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Question about _rtc_get_time

Question asked by Roger Chaplin on Oct 17, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2014 by Roger Chaplin

I'm looking at the _rtc_get_time source code in srtc.c for MQX 4.1.0 (I'm using it in a VF65GS10 project) and believe I may have found a bug. Here is the code:


    uint32_t tmp = 0;

    do {

        *time = tmp;

        tmp   = (snvs->LPSRTCMR << 17) | (snvs->LPSRTCLR >> 15) ;

    } while (tmp != *time);


This is apparently trying to achieve a coherent read of the two RTC registers by continually reading them until it obtains two consecutive identical values. However, this code will always go through the do/while only one time, because of the way the tmp variable is initialized. To operate correctly the first line should instead be:


    uint32_t tmp = (snvs->LPSRTCMR << 17) | (snvs->LPSRTCLR >> 15) ;


Am I missing something here?