Ross Myers

HC908 Oscillator Confusion

Discussion created by Ross Myers on Sep 19, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2007 by Alban Rampon
Hi All,
I've spent a bit of time reading posts on here and looking through the HC08 manuals but I am still a little lost on the no comprimise way to set up the clocks on the HC08, I am using a HC908GZ8.
Seems to me that if you want to use the MONO8 interface there is some restrictions on the crystal freq?. Anyway, I need to come to a decision on the best oscillator type to use and frequency.
My two main requirements are, I want to use the MONO8 interface in the final design and I need to get a baud rate of 8192 on the ESCI.
So I am hoping all the helpful people on here might offer some advice on the best oscillator set up?
1 - Do I go for a canned ocscillator?
2 - Do I use a Pierce oscillator set up?
3 - What frequencies am I limited to for MONO8 compatibilty and 8192 baud ESCI?
I've recently switched over from AVR's to the HC08. In a previous job I was programming MC68332's in assembler so I'm looking forward to HC08 assembler programming given the nice flexible instruction set the Freescale MCU's have (something I missed on the AVR).
Thanks in advance,