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TX53 configure gpio pins from c linux code

Question asked by Jeff Allan on Oct 16, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2014 by Jeff Allan

Hello All

I know this question has been asked, I would like to set/read a pin on the TX53 module pin 153 which corresponds to GPIO2[20], which as I understand it can be configured as WEIM_A[18], DISP1_DAT[13], CSI1_D[13], BT_CFG1[3],

I have tried from user space using the Linux command line to export pin 90, and reading the value with command cat /sys/class/gpio/gpio90/value, the pin which is an input is floating high, and can easily be pulled down by say a 100k resistor. So I know it is an input, but it always reads as 0, so I am either not reading correct gpio port, or it is not configured. Without recompiling the Kernel, is it possible from application code to configure the pin and read the pins status?

There doesn't appear to be a step by step guide on doing this.

Any help would be welcome.