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MCF5213evb - what is "bus error"?

Discussion created by Michael QIAO on Sep 18, 2007
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hi all , I met a serious problem , bus error,  i do not understand. I am working on MCF5213evb
i write some code , and when i execute to one function , it showed me bus error , but i think there is no problem in my code.
I compiled well and make , everything ok , but when i debug, the pc stopped at some pointer, and showed me bus error. i could not solve this , who can help me plz?  
another question , i saw it said that "Performance (Dhrystone 2.1 MIPS) up to 76" @80MHz in the datasheet of MCF5213, so i downloaded dhrystone 2.1 to see the result,  and i met the bus error again , i saw it stopped at process 6 ("Proc_6 (Enum_Val_Par, Enum_Ref_Par) ") , so i deleted process 6 , and it runs , but i can see it runs at very low speed , i measured the clk from clk output pin , it was 80MHz, and the result is much slowerrrrrrrrr than 76.... I do not understand , can anybody tell me how to set the device runs at best performance???? i d like to set my program in best situation either.
thanks a lot !  this is a urgent problem to me !

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