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M52223 EVB and Manual Errata

Discussion created by Mark Butcher on Sep 18, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2008 by Bing Hao
Hi All

I have just started with the M52223EVB and ported a project from the M52235 (after removing the Ethernet part of course).

Initially the interrupt from IRQ4 didn't work, which surprised me because I was convinced that this part was identical.
After a bit of debugging I found a few errors on the EVB and in the users' manual.

1. Some IRQ lines are labeled incorrectly on the EVB.
On the extension connector the errors are:
- The connection marked IRQ1 is connected to IRQ4
- The connection marked IRQ3 is connected to IRQ1
- The connection marked IRQ4 is connected to IRQ3

The other IRQ lines are correct.
The error is on the silk screen of the PCB - the circuit diagram is correct otherwise.

2. In the users' manual the following default register values are (probably) incorrect:
- PNQPAR is given as 0x0000 but it defaults to 0x5554 (i.e. the IRQ lines default to IRQ [primary function] and not to GPIO).
- PDDPAR is given as 0x00 but it defaults to 0x0f (ie. the PST[0..3] lines are default rather than DD[0..3]). Note that I don't work with the PST capability and I didn't check any more here - it may be due to a configuration on the board(?) - I just noticed that after every reset (also with no code loaded) the register had this value.